<% Option Explicit %> <% 'Buffer the response Response.Buffer = True 'Dimension variables Dim strName 'Holds the Users name Dim strEmailAddress 'Holds the Users e-mail address Dim strCountry 'Holds the users country Dim strHomepage 'Holds the Users homepage Dim strComments 'Holds the Users comments Dim dtmEntryDate 'Holds the date the commnets where made Dim intRecordPositionPageNum 'Holds the record position Dim intRecordLoopCounter 'Loop counter for displaying the guestbook records Dim intTotalNumGuestbookEntries 'Holds the total number of records in the database Dim intTotalNumGuestbookPages 'Holds the total number of pages in the database Dim intLinkPageNum 'Holds the page number to be linked to 'If this is the first time the page is displayed then the guestbook record position is set to page 1 If Request.QueryString("PagePosition") = "" Then intRecordPositionPageNum = 1 'Else the page has been displayed before so the guestbook record postion is set to the Record Position number Else intRecordPositionPageNum = CInt(Request.QueryString("PagePosition")) End If 'Initalise the strSQL variable with an SQL statement to query the database by selecting all tables ordered by the decending date strSQL = "SELECT " & strDbTable & "Comments.* " & _ "FROM " & strDbTable & "Comments " If strDatabaseType = "SQLServer" Then strSQL = strSQL & "WHERE " & strDbTable & "Comments.Authorised = 1 " Else strSQL = strSQL & "WHERE " & strDbTable & "Comments.Authorised = true " End If strSQL = strSQL & "ORDER BY Date_stamp DESC;" 'Set the cursor type property of the record set to dynamic so we can naviagate through the record set rsCommon.CursorType = 3 'Query the database rsCommon.Open strSQL, adoCon 'Set the number of records to display on each page by the constant set at the top of the script rsCommon.PageSize = intRecordsPerPage 'Get the guestbook record poistion to display from If NOT rsCommon.EOF Then rsCommon.AbsolutePage = intRecordPositionPageNum %> Βιβλίο Επισκεπτών Ελληνικού Εορτολογίου - Greek Namedays Guest Book

Καλωσήλθατε στο βιβλίο επισκεπτών του site μας

<% 'If there are no rcords in the database display an error message If rsCommon.EOF Then 'Tell the user there are no records to show Response.Write "
There are no records in the guestbook database" Response.Write "
Please check back later" Response.End 'Display the guestbook Else 'Count the number of enties in the guestbook database intTotalNumGuestbookEntries = rsCommon.RecordCount 'Count the number of pages there are in the guestbook database calculated by the PageSize attribute set above intTotalNumGuestbookPages = rsCommon.PageCount 'Display the HTML number number the total number of pages and total number of records in the guestbook database %> στο βιβλίο μας την στιγμή αυτή υπάρχουν <% = intTotalNumGuestbookEntries %> εγγραφές σε <% = intTotalNumGuestbookPages %> σελίδες και τώρα βρίσκεστε στην σελίδα <% = intRecordPositionPageNum %> (οι πρόσφατες εγγραφές εμφανίζονται στην σελίδα 1). Για απευθείας επικοινωνία με τους διαχειριστές του site χρησιμοποιείστε την φόρμα επικοινωνίας. Για να προσθέστε άμεσα τα σχόλιά σας στο βιβλίο επισκεπτών κάντε click παρακάτω (δεν χρειάζετε να κάνετε εγγραφή ή άλλου τύπου login).
<% 'For....Next Loop to display records from the guestbook database For intRecordLoopCounter = 1 to intRecordsPerPage 'If there are no guestbook records left to display then exit loop If rsCommon.EOF Then Exit For 'Read in the values form the database strName = rsCommon("Name") strCountry = rsCommon("Country") strEmailAddress = rsCommon("EMail") dtmEntryDate = CDate(rsCommon("Date_stamp")) strHomepage = rsCommon("Homepage") strComments = rsCommon("Comments") 'If URL homepgae entry is diisabled don't show URL If blnURL = false Then strHomepage = "" 'If there is no homepage entry to display the display no URL given ElseIf strHomepage = "http://" or strHomepage = "" then strHomepage = "no URL given" 'Else turn the URL stored in the strHomepage variable into a hyperlink Else strHomepage = "" & strHomepage & "" End If 'Write the HTML to the web browser to display the guestbook entries %>
από: <% 'Display the email address if there is one If blnEmailAddress AND strEmailAddress <> "" Then Response.Write("" & strName & "") Else Response.Write(strName) %> στίς <% = FormatDateTime(dtmEntryDate, VbShortDate) %> ώρα <% = FormatDateTime(dtmEntryDate, VbShortTime) %>  
<% = strCountry %> <% = strHomepage %>
<% = strComments %>

<% 'Move to the next record in the database rsCommon.MoveNext 'Loop back round Next End If 'Display an HTML table with links to the other entries in the guestbook %>
<% 'If there are more pages to display then add a title to the other pages If intRecordPositionPageNum > 1 or NOT rsCommon.EOF Then Response.Write vbCrLf & " σελίδα:  " End If 'If the guestbook page number is higher than page 1 then display a back link If intRecordPositionPageNum > 1 Then Response.Write vbCrLf & ("<< προηγούμενη") End If 'If there are more pages to display then display links to all the pages If intRecordPositionPageNum > 1 or NOT rsCommon.EOF Then 'Display a link for each page in the guestbook For intLinkPageNum = 1 to intTotalNumGuestbookPages 'If there is more than 7 pages display ... last page and exit the loop If intLinkPageNum > 15 Then If intTotalNumGuestbookPages = intRecordPositionPageNum Then Response.Write(" ..." & intTotalNumGuestbookPages) Else Response.Write(" ..." & intTotalNumGuestbookPages & "") 'Exit Loop Exit For 'Else display the normal link code Else 'If the page to be linked to is the page displayed then don't make it a hyper-link If intLinkPageNum = intRecordPositionPageNum Then Response.Write(" " & intLinkPageNum) Else Response.Write(" " & intLinkPageNum & "") End If Next End If 'If it is Not the End of the guestbook entries then display a next link for the next guestbook page If NOT rsCommon.EOF then Response.Write (" επόμενη >>") End If 'Finsh HTML the table %>
<% 'Reset Server Variables rsCommon.Close Set rsCommon = Nothing adoCon.Close Set adoCon = Nothing %>

<% '***** START WARNING - REMOVAL OR MODIFICATION OF THIS CODE WILL VIOLATE THE LICENSE AGREEMENT ****** If blnLCode = True Then Response.Write("Powered by Web Wiz Guestbook version " & strVersion & "") Response.Write("